Product Specifications & Characteristics

  1. Materia Madura products are designed with waste-based materials.
  2. Our products and materials are sustainable, durable (10+ years), impact resistant, water resistant, fire resistant, and non-toxic.
  3. At their end of life, our materials and products can be broken down again and repurposed into new products.
  4. Due to the organic nature of our materials and their production process, no one design is exactly alike. You can expect to see slight variations in colour, texture, and size. This adds to the character of each material and will not affect overall dimensions or the material integrity of the products.

Product Care

All Products

  1. To clean the product you can gently wipe or pat the surface with a dry microfiber cloth. 
  2. Do not use water, soap or detergent. If needed, you can use an antibacterial wipe to spot clean. As our products are designed with organic waste-based materials, using water, soap or detergents can degrade the surface of the products over time.
  3. Our products should be used and/or displayed in dry, cool, interior spaces that receive indirect light and air. 
  4. Products should not be stored in enclosed or dark spaces over prolonged periods of time. As with any porous material, this, together with excess humidity can cause mould spots. In the event that this should occur, gently clean with an antibacterial wipe and allow both sides of the product to dry thoroughly.
  5. Our materials are water resistant, not 100% waterproof. Because of this, they will behave similar to untreated wood, unsealed concrete, and/or cork. If liquid is allowed to build up for a prolonged period of time on the surface, it will eventually absorb moisture and may create a spot or stain where the liquid was allowed to set. 
  6. Similar to wood, over time our products may naturally age a little in colour. You can always spruce it back up to its original rich colour by applying a small portion of food safe mineral oil or coconut oil with a microfiber cloth. Dry thoroughly after application.


  1. When using our products as planters, we recommend selecting low maintenance plants that require little water such as cacti, succulents, and sansevierias, to name a few.
  2. Products that can be used as planters: Prehistoria Vessel, Miniatura Vessel, and Vessel Table.