Materia Madura envisions a world where waste becomes a valuable resource, seamlessly integrating sustainable design into daily life. We aim to revolutionize waste perceptions with innovative solutions that positively impact the environment, leading a global movement where sustainability, aesthetics, and purpose intersect.


    We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of materiality, manufacturing, and design, while prioritizing social responsibility and ethical practices. Our mission at Materia Madura is to lead the way in sustainable design by developing cutting-edge solutions that transform waste into purposeful alternatives. Through collaboration, research, and constant exploration, we aim to inspire, empower, and drive a shift towards a circular economy. 

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Analyzing waste as a critical issue and local resource, new materials are developed from local waste streams to open innovative possibilities for design applications. 

Taking advantage of our local waste and transforming it through design, we aim to highlight how many everyday products are designed with toxic, unsustainable materials when they can be produced with locally sourced, non-toxic, and sustainable materials.

Offering an alternative to agricultural waste, food waste, and recycling, by choosing Materia Madura products, businesses and individuals can obtain everyday products that are sustainable while contributing to the reduction of local waste and promoting a circular economy.


Ana Cristina Quiñones is a Material, Product, and Furniture Designer who specializes in sustainability and material innovation.

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  • Ana Cristina Quiñones

    Founder, CEO & Design Director

  • Cathaline Muñoz

    Production Assistant

  • Javier Rivera

    Digital Design & 3D Printing Technician

  • Mónica Merced

    Production Assistant