Everyday products designed with waste-based materials

By choosing our innovative and functional products you support us in directly contributing to the reduction of local food and agriculture waste.

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Materia Madura has proved to be durable and functional, sustainable, biodegradable and more lightweight than other materials of similar aesthetic qualities.

Radical Matter: Rethinking Materials for a Sustainable Future by Kate Franklin and Caroline Till, Thames & Hudson

Putting the research and the application of sustainable materials at the very beginning, Materia Madura demonstrates that design is a holistic methodology that helps analyse the contemporary issues and transform them in future possibilities. 

h/ngry people by Giada Giachino

Seeing food waste as a critical problem in Puerto Rico, Ana Cristina Quiñones pioneered new avenues for food waste management. Transforming locally found residues by producing objects at low cost, for everyday life is a necessary social and cultural response.

75 Designers Pour Un Monde Durable by Geneviève Gallot, Éditions de La Martinière