About Us

Materia Madura's Story


Materia Madura is a woman-led sustainable materials and design company. 

Durable, non-toxic, and locally sourced, our waste-based material can be applied to multiple design applications resulting in sustainable and sophisticated products. While individual consumers can obtain Materia Madura products through our online store, we also provide wholesale and custom designs for businesses. Offering an alternative to agricultural waste, food waste, and recycling, by buying Materia Madura products, businesses and individuals can obtain everyday products that are sustainable while contributing to the reduction of local food waste and Puerto Rico's economy.

Plantain and coffee, cultural staple foods of Puerto Rico, are produced and consumed in abundance therefore their organic waste is also abundant. Analyzing food waste as a critical societal issue and a local resource, a new material was invented from waste matter to open innovative possibilities for design applications. Taking advantage of this local waste and transforming it through a design approach, Materia Madura aims to highlight how many everyday objects are designed with toxic, unsustainable materials when they can be produced with locally sourced, non-toxic, and sustainable materials. 


Materia Madura's Founder

Ana Cristina Quiñones is a Material, Product, and Furniture Designer from Puerto Rico who focuses on sustainability and material innovation. With a background in Architecture courses, a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design, and a Masters Degree in Furniture Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London, she focuses on using design and material research as a means of bringing sustainable issues to light. Creating effective and meaningful solutions to those problems by designing sophisticated objects that have a story to tell through their materiality.
In 2012, Ana started to create an innovative plantain and coffee waste based material composite and continued to further develop and refine it through research and design until finally establishing it in 2015 under the name Materia Madura. Since then, she has developed a wide range of Materia Madura products that have been exhibited globally throughout galleries, museums, and acclaimed design fairs. Her work has also been published throughout a variety of international publications. In 2020, she expands Materia Madura into a brand and a business; allowing Materia Madura products to be accessible to all through an online platform.